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At the firm, we represent national and international companies in the defense and prosecution of cases involving environmental liabilities.

Environmental matters the firm has handled include:

  • We represented a major oil company in a cost recovery contribution suit against the United States and 106 other parties related to Tex Tin Super Fund Site in Texas City, Texas. After settlements were reached following an extensive mediation process involving liability and allocation submissions, the Settling PRPs requested that our firm represent them in a suit against subsequently discovered PRPs for contribution. This complex case involved numerous assertions of divisible harm and the useful product defense, just addressed by the U. S. Supreme Court in Burlington No. & Santa Fe R. Co. v. United States, et. al.
  • We represented a major oil company in a suit for contribution related to alleged environmental damage due to rail car leakage.
  • We represented the purchaser of a shipyard in suit against the seller of the shipyard for fraud and breach of contract based upon alleged undisclosed environmental liabilities.

Environmental lawsuits can be extremely costly. We understand the importance of gathering the facts, retaining the right experts, making an early assessment of the potential costs and liabilities, and striving to achieve an early resolution where possible.

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